Our First Date.

As I write about our past, present and future life together, I think it’s important to know how the Lil’lean’s started.
Naomi and I met Oct 2011 in some hole in the wall restaurant called the grill. I was eating with my brother Markus and she walked in. With a dumbfounded look on my face and a burger in my throat I said “hi” and Naomi fell in love ❤️. No it wasn’t that easy. We got to chit chatting and she gave me her number because I couldn’t give her mine with her phone dead (or so she said). The friend she was meeting at the restaurant finally showed up at that time. So I introduced myself to him then went back to my seat to finish my dinner. As soon as we left and like the man I am immediately called her phone and it went to her voicemail. My message said “it was nice to have met you and call me sometime so we could go out”. Truly I was putting the ball back in her court because I’m a guy and I’m a lot better at running the chasing. So she called and we set up a day to have froyo at some place she knew of. We planned to meet around noonish but never got around to meeting until 5ish. Yea I was waitin’ on a woman all day with my dog in the back seat driving around ABQ. finally she text and says let’s meet up.
So we get some froyo and sit down and Naomi asks the dreaded question. Tell me about yourself? My life flashes before my eyes like death was knocking right. So what do I do? Brush off all the crazy and let her have it little by little like a normal person or just drop the bomb on her and watch her run like Usain Bolt for the gold.
I thought to myself “what do I have to lose” so I came in like an Apache helicopter man… Bombs going BOOM!!! and machine guns firing dadada-BOOM!! and spent shell casings sounding like rain dropping from the sky. When the smoke cleared I was expecting to see just an empty froyo cup with gummy worms in it. But there Naomi sits in a army tank. She fires back at me with all her crazy like BOOM BANG BOOM BOOM!!! We laughed and I walked Naomi to her car and admired a clean car for a woman and gave her a hug good bye because I’m a gentleman..haha. Really because she’s a lady.
well it’s late here so thank you for reading this far and I hope you enjoyed reading about our first date and how we met.
Still Keeping The Faith,
The Lil’lean’s.


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