Slow Down

“Living life in the fast lane may get you to the finish line faster then you think” ~DG Quotes

This week has been about reflection for myself. I have lived a couple lives by this point. Both fast and slow. The fast life had me spinning my wheels. A few road blocks and dead ends as well. I tried slowing down at one point but that was more like a pit stop. I came out if it full throttle only to end up in a cold concrete cell with 60 other people bragging about what they did to get there. Then I remembered something my cousin Carlos Lovato told me years ago. “The fast life will lead to one or both places, jail or dead”. That night I prayed God wouldn’t take me out of there but he would use that to slow me down. And He did. Today I have truly slowed down. I am no longer running the race as the hare but as the tortoise. And if you have read the story the tortoise always wins.

As I took to my new roll as the tortoise 5 years ago I missed something that brought me to my knees. Today’s message and worship music had me in tears. I had to apologize to my wife Naomi. When we had our son Liam I never thought of how she was effected while they took him to the NICU. She was left in a hospital room alone while I was down stairs with Liam. What is a first time mother to do after 40 weeks, 21 hours of labor and naturally giving birth only to hold your new born for a few minutes and bye bye, he’s gone. Well I got a glimpse of that today from the testimony of our worship leader. With tears in my eyes, I apologized and hugged my wife. What she had to endure the three weeks we were in NICU were beyond me. Discussing it through the day and asking forgiveness I see that this woman is stronger then myself. I can’t make it up to her but I will be more attentive to her and her feeling in the future. Naomi thank you for choosing me, respecting me and putting up with me for the last 5 years. I look forward to the next 50 together.

Love always.

The Lil’lean’s


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