Walking with Pain ain’t the Same in His Name

Pain comes and pain goes

Pain’s a friend and pain’s a foe

Pains hurt and pains grow

Pain’s blind and pain’s kind

Walking in darkness

Fears held me back like harness

Searching for the Light

Blinded by the night

Scales fell from my eyes

Lord restored my sight

Show me Your ways

Sending up praise

Hanging onto your promises

You never left my side

Even though I left You high and dry

I’m hurt inside, thorns in my side but,

Pain keeps me right

Pain keeps me tight

Sometimes pain isn’t right

But this pain gave me sight

Hands held high while tears drop from the sky

Jesus dried my eye

I was missing out on my life

Too busy wondering why

People gotta lie and people gotta die

Can’t live without and Can’t run the route

I fed into the fame so I stayed in the game

I’m getting old so it was getting lame, it just ain’t the same

Pains in my heart and this is the effect

Pains in my brain and my memories to blame

Pains in my gut with feelings of never getting out of this rut

Pains consume and left me empty, without room

Tired of this life, started praying for a wife

Tried to live right but that ended in spite

I didn’t buy into the hype

Got high, took a flight

Feeding into the lie and I was left high and dry

Pain knows I’m alive

Pain knew I was doing something right

Pain won’t stop till I die

Pain until Jesus took my life

Pain didn’t leave my side but,

Pain made me new

Pain doesn’t hurt

Pain lost it’s sting

Still flying with a broken wing

Living Spirit is the only real thing

I got a new name

Rose from the dead

But this isn’t the end


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